About Us

We’re glad you dropped by!

Welcome to our website. We wanted to take a few minutes to briefly explain our company and our process. First off we use quality t-shirts from Gildan, one of the best manufacturers in the country. We sell a wide variety of colors and sizes S-5XL. We’ll be adding new products (hats, sweatshirts, tank tops, mugs, etc.). The next step in the process is the application of the design to the . For many years t-shirts have been created using screen printing. We DO NOT do screen printing. Ours is a digital process that actually burns the design onto the shirt. The graphic on your shirt doesn’t just rest on top of the fabric, it becomes part of the fabric. This ensures a long lasting design that won’t peel, wrinkle or fade. This is a state of the art process that enables us to provide you the highest quality custom shirts available anywhere.

What exactly is screen printing?

Screen printing is achieved by creating a stencil on a film of fine mesh. Then a squeegee is used to press ink through the stenciled mesh in an even layer onto a substrate (shirt/paper). Every different color is a different screen. Screen printing hasn’t changed much but the tools and equipment have been advancing since the beginning.  Screens aren’t made with silk anymore, squeegees come in all sorts of varieties of rubbers, and presses range from simple table hinge clamps to enormous 50 station automatic presses.

The disadvantages of screen printing on t-shirts are…cracking, peeling or fading of the graphic design. We use a digital process that actually “burns” the graphic onto the t-shirt. This ensures that there will be no cracking, fading, peeling during washing. The best way is to turn the t-shirt inside out and was as you would normally. No special washing instructions. Lastly, because your t-shirt is printed when you order it, we save time from design to production to shipping. This means that typically your t-shirt can be ordered, printed and delivered in 7 days if not sooner anywhere in the United States.

Quick Shipping and Guaranteed Satisfaction

You will be provided with an email throughout the process to let you know where your t-shirt is during its production. You’ll receive an email notification once your order is complete. Additionally, a tracking number will be provided by USPS. If you have any issues once your order arrives feel free to reach out via feedback form.