About Izzyforeal

Did you know that any of the designs on our website can be printed on a variety of things: Hoodies, Facemasks, Towels, Stickers, Zip Hoodies, Caps, Hats, Mugs, Long-sleeve tees, V-Neck tees and SO MUCH MORE! Pretty much anything but it’s just way too much to list here. So if you like a design or two but would like it on something other than a t-shirt, just use the Contact link and send a message so we can get it done for you.

What make us different?

In the t-shirt industry the standard for applying designs to clothing has been Screen Printing for decades.

Screen-printing is a process where ink is forced through a mesh screen onto a t-shirt. Making certain areas of the screen impervious to printing ink creates a stencil, which blocks the printing ink from passing through the screen. The ink that passes through forms the printed image. The disadvantages of Screen Printing are many: Every color of the design has to be forced through the mesh separately. There are also minimum quantities to order so if you like a design chances are you would have to at least order a minimum of 10 for it to be cost effective for the production facility. Additionally because the ink is heated onto the t-shirt, the design will have a tendency to fade, crack or even peel after washing. Got it? Good…because we don’t do that.

We use a process called Direct To Garment printing. This process uses dry ink and large machinery to actually impregnate the t-shirt fibers with the colors of the design. It becomes a part of the fabric of the shirt so none of the issues as screen-printing. Also because of this dry process there are no minimums, no setup charges, no bs. You can order a design with 1 color or 100 colors the process is the same so there are no extra charges based on the color or amount of ink. Because of this fabric binding there is no peeling, cracking or tearing of the design on your clothing. Each shirt is an original, a one of a kind…just like you.

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